Dr. Christian Stallberg

Christian advises major national and international companies on the development, marketing, distribution and reimbursement of their pharmaceuticals and medical devices. In addition, he advises on regulatory issues in the area of consumer goods and chemicals, in particular on cosmetics, pesticides and biocides. Furthermore, Christian regularly advises leading industry associations on legal issues of new statutes and legal bills.

In the healthcare sector his main focus is on legal advice in the area of market access for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, including HTA- and pricing procedures, legal remedies, litigation vis-à-vis public authorities and court proceedings between competitors.

Christian studied law at the University of Münster where he obtained his ph.D. with “summa cum laude” in legal philosophy and intellectual property law. After obtaining a Master of Law at the University of Cambridge, he worked as lawyer for almost nine years in the Healthcare, Life Sciences & Chemicals team of the international law firm Clifford Chance in Düsseldorf.

Christian is author of numerous articles on legal issues in the area of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, life sciences and chemicals. He is, inter alia, co-author of the chapter on reimbursement for pharmaceuticals in the “Handbook of Pharmaceutical Law” (C.H. Beck 2010), author of the chapter on pricing agreements for pharmaceuticals in the “Handbook on Pharma and Life Sciences agreement” (C.H. Beck 2015) and both, author of the chapter on legal remedies against reimbursement restrictions, as well as co-author of the chapter “reimbursement of medical products in hospitals’ in the 2nd edition of the “Handbook of Medical Device Law” (C.H. Beck 2017).

Christian is a frequent speaker at seminars and conferences on legal issues in the area of pharmaceuticals, life sciences and chemicals. He is, inter alia, visiting lecturer at the University of Marburg for Pharma law, member of the Committee on Market Access of the German Federal Association of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (BAH), member of the Working Group on Market Access and DRG’s of the German Federal Association of Medical Technology (BVMed), member of the GRUR-executive committee for Drug- and Food Law and co-editor of the Journal of the Law and the Substances.